We are New Paradigm Advisors

What we do

With extensive executive experience, we are keenly aware of the challenges facing the leadership teams of most medium- and small-sized companies.

Having a close counsel who understands their concerns, who is capable of helping execute and can share the wisdom and woes of experience makes a difference in a company who succeeds and one who battles survival.

A great strategy is only the beginning. We help clients implement that strategy using the most appropriate tactics and gauge success with sound metrics.

To start the journey of building this strategy, take a few minutes to take our Value Builders quiz by pressing the button below.  The results will give us both a starting place on this journey toward valuing your company.

The Discovery Program

You’ve been working hard riding the wave of this great economy. You’ve invested serious time and money in growing your company and yet you still feel like there’s so much opportunity out there that you’re missing.

How can you grab onto this economic rocket ship now while it’s within reach?

Let’s spend some time to help you grab your place on that rocket!

Come spend some time with our team in a dedicated session where we dig into your business processes, marketing issues, finance issues, and HR challenges. You’ll come away with a fresh view of your company and a clearer understanding of any issues that might be holding you back. We’ll give you immediate feedback on two to three immediate steps that you can take to move you to another step up.

In addition to the immediate feedback and suggestions, you’ll also receive a follow up report with a complete summary of our meeting as well as additional thoughts and ideas as to what you might consider to catch that rocket!

 Don’t stay stuck with the status quo. It’s time to make a change and get this figured out, turn it around and get it working.

 Your next step is to schedule a Discovery session with us so that together we can discover what your company can truly become.

Yes, I’m ready to jump on the rocket!