Awake Restaurants Testimonial: “Focusing on Facts”

As a family run, locally owned restaurant business, my son and wife and I all play various roles.  We needed to find a way to sort out who did what within the organization and to have it all make sense.

Discovering EOS

Through Michael Visentine and his New Paradigm Advisors team, we discovered a methodology known as the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS.  I had been exposed to EOS before, but Michael really pulled it all together for us and made it a practical solution.

A Way to Focus

EOS really helped us focus as a team.  Since our team really has multiple personalities, EOS gave us a disciplined success model to help us stay on course.  The model takes personal feelings out of the dialog and focuses on facts and people to grow the business.  And that is critical in a family owned business.  The EOS tools were great:

  • Three- and ten-year plans
  • Weekly meetings
  • Regular discussion of quarterly and annual objectives (or “rocks”)

Great Results

Now we actively meet weekly.  There we review our “rocks” on the list of things to complete in a concise and solution-focused way.

We are grateful to the New Paradigm Advisors team for the education and ongoing support!

Rob Colarossi

Owner Awake (formerly The Egg & I) and Dairy Queen Restaurants

PE Maynard and Associates Testimonial: “Physician, Heal Thyself”

We all learn something from all of our collective experiences. Each new story adds to our own story. And, quite honestly, the stories of our clients become our stories, too.

My case in point is my friend, Dave Sykes.

Dave and I have been friends and taken turns being client-supplier to one another for most of the past 10 years. We met at a chamber of commerce meeting a number of years back and we’ve been friends—and business associates—ever since.

Take a Look at New Paradigm Advisors

Dave’s most recent business incarnation is New Paradigm Advisors. It is a business consulting firm specializing in helping clients (business owners) find freedom in running their business, determine the value of that business and then crafting a future for their business—and them.

What I find interesting in my business of supporting businesses like New Paradigm Advisors is how much the arc of my business fits with what they are providing. In the case of NPA, two things have happened:
1. My business grows and shapes itself to fit their needs as they grow and change.
2. I find that, if I stand in the right place, I could be their client as well.

Take the Value Builder’s Assessment

That last point became really evident to me as, in the interest of getting to know my client, I took his Value Builder’s Assessment. Here I thought I was doing my homework and, lo and behold, I was assessing my company and its direction. Sly, those NPA guys!

Seriously, the VB assessment allowed me to take a snapshot of my business and start a dialogue around my company’s past, present and future.

I was looking inward instead of outward.

In a Unique Position

I admit I am in a special and somewhat unique position in that I have a supplier-client relationship with these guys. However, that really should be how all of us interact with our clients –and suppliers—on a regular basis.

Isn’t it?

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a business consultancy to help you be free of “the chains” of your company, understand and set its value and then plot and plan an appropriate future, New Paradigm Advisors gets my vote–I’ve seen them in action.  It should get yours, too.

Paul E. Maynard, The Relentless Networker

They didn’t tell me anything new, but…

Sometimes the answer is right in front of us we just need to talk it through or have it told us in language we understand—and may have heard before.

Sound familiar?

So it was with Michael Smith at MD Engineering.  He had a successful, growing company, but something was missing.  And it was really in front of him all along.

“The New Paradigm Advisors (NPA) team came in and really spent time with us,” Michael recounted. “The things they told us we had heard before just not in that order or with the emphasis they gave it.”

New Paradigm Advisors is a business consulting firm that helps determine a company’s value by helping shape it.  NPA came in to help Michael shape his company at a time when it needed shaping.

“One thing I was missing was an advisory team,” he continued. “As a privately held single partnership, I didn’t necessarily have any collaborators.  The New Paradigm team helped me select and shape an executive team.”

Subsequently, Michael put together a team that help guide decisions important to the company’s present and future.  This team includes:

  • Michael, the CEO
  • The company controller
  • An industry visionary from within the company
  • A next-generation employee

This team is anything but a collection of “yes” people. Quite the contrary, Michael says.

“Anything is open for discussion to allow the smartest and most clear decision to be made. They all are allowed to push back.”

This one innovation has gotten the company excited again.

New Paradigm Advisors is a value-assessment and consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas.

Just What Do I Want?

Many of us in business are working hard to shape and grow our business.  We’ve built up this thing we call a company and hope to see it through to…to what?

Just what do you want?  Is it “how much?” Or is it a legacy?

These are the questions Bruce Bernbaum asked himself not long ago.  Bruce is a co-founder and partner in Bernbaum-Magadini Architects in Dallas.  At his age and where he is in his career, Bruce has some decisions to make.  But where to start?

“The New Paradigm Advisors team gave me this Value Builder’s ‘quiz’ that allowed me to assess my business,” Bruce recounted. “And it caused me to stop and think long and hard about the value of our company.”

New Paradigm Advisors (NPA) is a business consulting firm that helps determine a company’s value.  Dave Sykes of NPA met with Bruce informally to ask some critical questions.  It was the Value Builder’s Assessment that really got Bruce’s attention, particularly with one question.

“When I got the score back I had a zero on one point,” Bruce recounted. “’That can’t be,’ I thought.  But it was enough to stimulate a discussion with Dave to help me set some goals.

Between the assessment and the ongoing discussion, Bruce has used his time with the New Paradigm team to be better at planning and forecasting.

“The team got me working on my business rather than in it.”

New Paradigm Advisors is a value-assessment and consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas.

Part of the Company

If you had been part of large companies all of your professional life and then struck out on your own, what would do to start your company?

That’s what Roger Pavlovich asked himself when he started his own construction services company.  Roger had been an officer or project manager at several large construction firms. He had all of the experience and energy to start his own concern.  But something was missing.

“I needed an outsider on the inside,” Roger said. “Actually, the NPA team is my security blanket and the guys I go to when I need to bounce something off a collaborator.”

NPA is New Paradigm Advisors, a business consulting firm that helps determine a company’s value by helping shape it.  New Paradigm Advisors came in to help Roger shape his company from its beginnings.

“We got the NPA team involved on a weekly basis, though I do talk with several of them almost daily,” Roger continued.  “The team sits down with us at least once a week.”

Some of the things New Paradigm has done for Pavlovich:

  • Helped produce a 3-year look-ahead plan and an associated monthly review process.
  • Offered daily collaboration.
  • Defined processes and systems for the young company.

Pavlovich Construction is a design-build construction consulting firm specializing in light industrial projects in the food processing and distribution segments.

“Because Roger and I knew each other from more than business, we had a mutual trust,” Dave Sykes of New Paradigm added.  “That gives us a bond that really ensures success for both of us.”

New Paradigm Advisors is a value-assessment and consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas.

A Testimonial: Kevin Wallace, AIA

Recently, my colleague, Kevin Wallace, provided this testimonial for me.


If you’re anything like me, you have a problem with consultants. They are a dime a dozen. They come in and tell you what you already know, suggest what you should do or could do to make it better, and then collect a check while you’re left with an expensive report – and still no one to execute it.

Fortunately, this is not Dave’s approach.  Just the opposite, in fact.

If you’re not ready to execute your strategic plan, you can expect him to fire you – not the other way around. So, if you’re ready to be held accountable to the strategy and actions necessary to achieve your next major leap in business, then hire Dave.

If you are ready to actually change and really grow and develop your business then hire Dave. He will help you lay out your plan for success and, more importantly, hold you accountable to the actions and changes necessary to achieve your plan. Dave’s too experienced to waste your time or his.

If you want success and are truly prepared to change and are looking for a partner willing to demand it of you, then engaging Dave is a great investment of both your time and money.

Kevin L Wallace