“Fear may be an effective motivator, but it’s a terrible master.” — Chris Hogan

For all we do to found, build and grow our companies, do we really know what’s next–that is, what’s our next act? Some call it retirement.  And it it something to be feared.  What do others have planned or think about their “next act?”

It is truly amazing what happens when you get a dialogue going between leaders.

That’s what we are doing by hosting and delivering Live 2 Lead to the Dallas business community. This program from John C. Maxwell, scheduled for Friday, October 11, is a closed-circuit television broadcast, live, from Atlanta. Hosted by John C. Maxwell, the morning simulcast will showcase some exceptional leaders from business, industry and media in short (30-minute segments) sharing their experiences and practical ideas.

Chris HoganAs the author of “Everyday Millionaire” and “Retire Inspired,” Chris Hogan is a well-known advocate for financial peace. Chris is on the program to give the perspective of “what’s next” and how that needs to fit a leadership style.  His books are full of inspirational stories of people who beat the odds and, at the same time, found their next act.

Along with the other speakers, John C. Maxwell, Angela Ahrendts, Rachel Hollis and Marcus Buckingham, Hogan’s presentation will help attendees to understand leadership principles, add value to their communities and make new and meaningful connections.

You can read elsewhere on this site about the schedule and generalities of the program on Friday, October 11.  While others around the country are showing and sharing the morning simulcast, it’s our afternoon program that will set ours apart.

The afternoon session is intended as a working program.  Our own experts will help take the lessons and messages from the morning and help attendees develop specific action plans for their own growth and advancement.

Thanks for considering joining at the ACU Dallas Campus on Friday, October 11.  It will be a day well spent.

For tickets, click here.  It will be a day you won’t forget.

“Retirement is not the finish line; it is the new beginning.”– Chris Hogan

The New Paradigm Advisors Team