Act Now – even when you’re in your busiest season

Every business has its busiest season. You know when yours is. The question is, do you put your planning on hold during that period while you take advantage of your busy season or do you continue the bigger plan while business ramps up?

While working with a successful CPA recently who is getting in touch with his original passion for his business, I was working with them putting together the strategy for growth and some organizational changes. As we got to the calendar to start laying out some specifics, he quickly drew back and said he didn’t know if he wanted to start this until after tax season, obviously his busiest season. Fair enough, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, I don’t.

And after our talk, neither did he.

In his case, he’d be postponing an important, (may I say critical?) decision and time of execution for the same reason he hasn’t made any significant changes to his business for the past 20 years. “Regular business, takes priority.” Hard to argue with that. Revenue is flowing through the door. So, what’s the answer? The short answer is, “If not now, when?” Postponing it one more time, will lead to another time, and another time, etc. So, NOW is the time. Not some future, unknown and unproven “better” time. Pull the trigger and let’s go.

There are at least three reasons to do this: (can you think of others?)

  1. When you’re the busiest, it’s easiest to delegate. You have no choice – other than to do it all yourself. Your people are expecting you to delegate – so for goodness sake, delegate!
  2. There’s no better time to evaluate your team’s performance than when they’re “in the fight”. How are you going to evaluate them when they’re slow? Your best performers will rise to the top during your busy season – not your slow season. You’ll see how they do the work, treat their team, treat the customer, commit to the objective.
  3. You’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses of your systems, processes and procedures. If there’s a hole in your bucket, it’ll get revealed when you’re going full speed. When you’re slow, it’s easy to just make do – no pressure or urgency to fix anything – “let it ride, we’ll get to it later.” Kind of attitude. You know it. You’ve experienced it.

So there you have it. Are you brave enough to move forward even in your busiest season?

If not now, when?