Exit Planning: Decision

As with any journey, getting to a decision phase is what we all work toward.

After discovering the value of your company and the expectations of your personal finances, formulating a plan, the time or execution of “getting to done” is nigh upon you.

In the decision phase, a business owner, now armed with sufficient data and a plan, can answer that all-important and timely question:

Do you want to continue to grow or get ready to exit the business?

Keeping or selling a business is much easier (if this decision is ever easy) because the owner is much more educated at this point.

Remember ready, fire, aim? There will be none of that now.  You know where you can go, if you so choose.

Beyond this step allows the owner who wants to keep her company to go to and advanced value creation step and process.  By the same token, those who want to sell or leave the business are ready to initiate a selected transaction program.

Each phase or step leads to the next and a final decision.  We look forward to helping you through this process using our Value Acceleration Process.  Call us with any thoughts or questions you might have about this or any other aspect of your business.

 The New Paradigm Advisors team

Exit Planning: Following a Process

Making the decision to keep or divest yourself of your business is a big step in a business owner’s life.  It might be because you are ready to retire or exit or you might want to be passing the business on to a new generation.  Or you’ve just outgrown the business.  Whatever the reason you should consider following a process.

As certified representatives of the Exit Planning Institute, we have a plethora of tools available to us that other consultants don’t have access to.  Add in our collective experience as business owners and managers and we are here to help you define and then guide you through a process.

This is the first post in a series outlining the steps and what to take to make this major change in your life and the life of your company. These aren’t the end-all-be-all, but, as with any process, it is a staring place that will help an individual make their specific decision.

Over the next few posts we will cover this process in more detail, following this basic outline and steps of coming to a decision about the future of you, the owner, and your business.  These steps follow a path of:

  • Discovery
  • Preparation
  • Decision

Each phase or step leads to the next and a final decision.  Follow along with us and let us know should you have any questions or feedback on our methodology.

 The New Paradigm Advisors team