“You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar regularly taught the “BE, DO, HAVE” philosophy. You have to “BE” the right kind of person first, then you must “DO” the right things so you can finally “HAVE” the things in life that really matter.  Ziglar kept it simple – BE, DO, HAVE.

Keeping it simple pays huge dividends in today’s world. With so many things to remember and keep track of, it just makes sense to boil the complexity down to a few simple truths.

So often we approach life with a HAVE-DO-BE mindset. We think we need to “HAVE” a certain thing (more time, more love, more money), so that we can finally “DO” something important (pursue our passion, start a business, go on a dream vacation), which will then allow us to “BE” what we truly want in life (happy, peaceful, loving). In actuality, this is backwards.


What are you going to do today to “BE” the right kind of person? What specific character quality or skill are you going to work on? What are you going to listen to or read? Who are you going to spend time with that will help you “BE-come” the right kind of person?

You are not looking for perfection, but you are looking for intentional, incremental changes on the road to “BE” the person you want to become.  BE-ing is inclusive of our identity, core values, purpose and intentions.  Inwardly, it is our values and beliefs.  Outwardly, it is our behavior.  “BE-ing” the right kind of person starts with putting the right things into your mind. Think of a time a word or a message that changed your thinking and allowed you to “BE-come” the right kind of person.


What actions are you going to “DO” today so that you can expect to “HAVE” the things that matter? “DO” is a great word because it is all about action. “BE-ing” the right kind of person is essential, but until you take action, until you “DO,” you are not impacting the world around you in a positive way. Don’t let the “DO-ing” in your life happen by accident; instead, plan purpose in your “DO-ing.”

DO-ing is linked to being at the juncture with behavior as well as the logistics of planning, preparation and execution necessary to achieve your goals and objectives.   The question invariably is if the person should proceed or not.  Those who are most successful in their career and life are those who instead ask, how can they achieve their goals, create opportunity or enhance their relationships when making a decision or planning to take action.


What do you want to HAVE as a  result of achieving  your goals?  HAVE-ing is the result of who we are (BEing) and what we DO.  We are rewarded for our accomplishments.  The answers are integrity based (BE) and action-oriented (DO).

If you practice to BE and DO, then you will HAVE everything you ever dreamed of  because you started BE-ing the person who already had reached the goals way before you actually did.. and that is powerful.

In summary, put the BE-DO-HAVE mindset into practice and you will realize that the “DO’s” will support whom you want to BE and this is when real life self-development come to play. You are no longer waiting for someone to do something for you or expecting someone to show up to give you something that you need in order to be happy or be complete. You are in the driver’s seat. You can HAVE the life you want.

New Paradigm Advisors believes you deserve to enjoy the benefits of BE-ing a great leader, DO-ING the right things in order to HAVE a profitable, growing and well-run business. We help you create a BE-DO-HAVE framework to break out of the old way of doing things and press forward with a renewed passion and focus. For more information about this new paradigm for your business, please reach out to us.  We’d love to hear from you.

-The New Paradigm Team