I just came back from my “xx” High School Reunion where I enjoyed hanging out with folks that were a lot older than me. I understand that you can learn a lot from your elders . . .

deadline-stopwatch-2636259_1920An interesting thought struck me while enjoying this little ride back into nostalgia. Most of the people there were wondering, “how in the world did I get here so fast?” And, “did I arrive here through a good plan, or is this the result of me just slipping and sliding until I got here?” I can assure you that both thoughts went through most of our minds.

In the construction business we always had a very specific plan and a completion date that we were targeting. Without these, a project just never seems to end. Without them, the costs never seem to end. In order to hit the target date and the budget, you had to constantly stay focused on them both – starting on the first day you walk onto the job. As a team our motto was simple “What are we doing today to make that day (the completion day) happen?” If the team couldn’t quickly give a very specific and detailed answer, I knew that we were not on the same wave length and we had some more training to do.

So, how about you? What are you doing? Got a plan? Got a date? This is just as much about hitting your revenue goals and market share goals as it is working toward your transition or exit plan. You must have a plan and you must execute it. And you must have a date certain that you’re targeting. The alternative is “slipping and sliding toward some undefined end point. You’ll never know when you get there or whether you achieved anything once you get there – wherever “there” is. You’re going to arrive at your “xx” High School reunion and have those same questions needling you.

Now, to the point. What are your goals for the next year? The next three years? Ten years? What about your ultimate transition or exit plan? What are you doing today to make any of it happen? Are you going to wake up tomorrow and do the same thing that you did today, or are you ready to change your paradigm and make serious progress? When are you going to do it?

Call me – let’s get this done together. Then when you get to your high school reunion, rather than you wondering how you got there so fast, your old buddies will be asking you, “how you did it.”

Call me.

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