Guest blog by Paul E. Maynard, the Relentless Networker


Knots.  They are more universal and ubiquitous than you might think.  And, in business, they are a great set up for a metaphor.

Fishermen, hunters, campers, sailors and shooters all rely on tying knots of various types for a variety of reasons.  This common thread (or rope or line) really is significant in that it shows no matter your business or background, knots are a big part of your life.

Knots are ancient technology and while similar in type (reef, granny, clove hitch, slip), their application is quite varied (from fastening sails to tying shoes to securing tents) and customized for the specific need.

Sounds like a great tool, right?  And an argument for translatable skills.

Yes, you read that right.

Knowing knots, regardless of avocation, is an analogy for having certain skills in business.  The same business skills that the CEO of a consulting firm has can also be in the hands and head of a military officer or a product line manager at a manufacturing firm.

Forming and leading teams. Problem solving. Negotiation and persuasion. Perseverance and motivation.  Regardless of rank or position in a company, knowing how (and when) to tie the right organizational knot can be very valuable.

Translatable skills are an untapped resource that we all have. Whether finding and applying them on your own or with the help of a consultant or partner, this is a valuable exercise to take on.


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